emma steen

Old Father Eternity is the experimental folk outlet of singer-songwriter/instrumentalist Emma Steen. The band blends Steen’s love of folk revivalist material, protest songs, and madrigals with her conservatory-honed indie-rock sensibilities. Old Father Eternity is also an ongoing experiment in ethnomusicology, as much of their music has its roots in Celtic and Appalachian folk. Between indie-flavoured originals, harmonium pieces, and rousing, half-improvised renditions of traditional songs, Steen’s sound is timeless and forward-looking all at once. 

A NYC native, Steen was exposed at an early age to opera, jazz, hip hop, and musical theatre, but it wasn’t until high school that she gained any serious interest in writing music. While in college, she joined several bands, among them The Mops, Pandafan, Prosody, The Quaaludes, Green Tongue Twist, Heart’s Story, One Man Vibe Machine, and zack, and began doing session work as a bassist for solo artists such as Mia Stegner, Sarah Gross, Rachel Chevat, and Elise Noelle. Altogether, Steen’s work appears on over 40 albums, EPs, and singles. 

Steen has also contributed music to several films, including Alexzander Karlin’s movie-musical Rites of Passage, Dennis Chekanian’s Bionic Jack, Lee Chekanian's The Menacing, and Helton Falavinha’s upcoming feature length debut, Ordinary People.

Andrew Breazna


Andrew Breazna is a Romanian-American engineer, producer, and technician. Breazna, a classically trained violinist, graduated cum laude from SUNY Purchase's Conservatory of Music, having spent his time in the program producing several well-acclaimed records, sound directing films, and building custom guitars and amplifiers. 

Before We Die, a film for which Breazna provided sound, has been shown at several international film festivals.